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14/02/2005 - added collection of pictures from Italy (Rome, Vatican, Florence), Turkey (Antalya), Ukraine (Kiev)

11/03/2004 - we agreed about exchange of image database with photobank "Photopiter"

25|09|2003 - added pictures from shooting in St. Petersburg german movie "Der Untergang" (The Decline). See Art - Cinema

04/04/2003 - Andrey (Willy) Usov presets his pictures from Iraq

20/12/2002 - Added photo from Latvia - Latvian Batalion - national armed forces, and State President Mrs. Vike-Freiberga

09/11/2002 - Added photo story about reconcilliation of two simbols of St. Petersburg - Lenin and Peter the Great - happans at the day of 85th anniversary of October revolution. Lenin - actor Sergey Losev, Peter the Great - actor Valery Matveev. Author of idea - artist Kirill Miller.

03/11/2002 - Photo bank added with pictures from 12th International thetr festival "Baltic house" - "the Inspector" by Gogol, perfomed by New Riga theater, director Alvis Hermanis; Theater Kammerspiele(Munich, Germany). Play "Relatives" by M. Fleisser. Director T. Ostermeier; Theater Radu Stanca (Romania). Play "Plov with donkey smell" by the motif ob arabian fairy tales "1001 nights". Director S. Purkarete; Theater Radu Stanca (Romania). "Otello?!" by Shakespeare. Director - A. Zholdak; Informational and educational center of theater and cinema (Vilnius, Lithuania). G. Buerke. "Gagarin Way". Director - Ionas Vaitkus.

02/11/2002 - Photo bank added with pictures from Finland

31/10/2002 - Photo bank added with pictures of namaz service in St. Peterburg mosque and prayer in Buddhist temple


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